Case Study prepared for: Eversource Energy


Customer: Eversource
Solution: Wood Waste Recycling

Eversource Energy serves over 4M customers throughout the Northeastern United States. With 72,000 miles of distribution lines, Eversource regularly undertakes a significant pole replacement program resulting in the need for a cost effective and environmentally sustainable disposal program. In addition, weather-related events also create the need for quick response crews to dispose of downed pole debris so that power can quickly return to Eversource’s customers.

Program Scope: Koppers Recovery provides pole and other wood waste disposal services for 200 storeroom locations throughout Eversource’s service territory. In addition, as needed we mobilize storm response teams on a 24/7 basis.

Disposal Approach: Koppers Recovery developed a wood sorting, process and recycling program at a dedicated facility which annually manages over 9000 tons of Eversource’s wood waste stream.

Cost Savings:  Based on our recommended approach, Eversource has eliminated the costs associated with using multiple containers to contain their wood waste. Today all wood waste is aggregated into a single container and subsequently sorted at a transfer station, while long poles are transported separately.

Additional Benefits:  The program created for Eversource substantially reduces the number of pick-ups required to service their business needs resulting in fewer truck miles and lower GHG emissions.