Case Study prepared for: Texas Electric Cooperatives


Customer: Texas Electric Cooperatives
Solution: Wood Waste Recycling

Texas Electric Cooperatives (TEC) is the nation’s largest electrical cooperative serving 70+ member co-ops throughout Texas. Historically TEC members established their own pole disposal programs. However, as liability and employee safety issues became more relevant, TEC looked to provide their members with a turnkey solution for the pick-up, removal and disposal of used poles, reels and other wood waste.

Disposal Approach: Due to the high concentration of ranches, farms and related entities in Texas, a strong demand exists for recycled poles to serve as fence posts, pole barns, etc. Our program serves this market while also maintaining a strong sustainability profile through re-use vs. landfilling.

Additional Benefits & Cost Savings: Because of the geographic scope of this program, strategically located laydown yards are employed to aggregate material regionally prior to shipping for final reuse. In addition, lower disposal costs are achieved by avoiding typical landfill tipping fees.