Koppers Recovery: From poles to pallets, a total wood disposal solution for utilities

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Not only is Koppers the nation’s premier supplier of utility poles, we also provide comprehensive wood disposal solutions through our Koppers Total Wood Disposal Program. That means we will come pick up and dispose of all of your wood waste in the yard: old treated poles, wooden pallets, and large cable spools (or spindles).

Why use Koppers Recovery at your utility?

Old poles, broken pallets, and wooden cable spools are not only an inconvenience, they can also negatively impact your bottom line. Stockpiling them in the yard carries added costs and safety risks that often go unaccounted for. A typical utility expends 3.6 man hours (often well over $100) to cut and move just one ton of pole waste material. Additionally having them collected in dumpsters and carted off by a third party can be a costly alternative due to the bulky nature of the waste material—a 30-yard dumpster is usually able to accommodate only 6-8 tons of wood waste material, while a Koppers Recovery truck can double the amount of tonnage transported in a single move.

Total Wood Disposal Solutions:

How will Koppers Recovery benefit you?

Through the Koppers Total Wood Disposal Program, utilities can realize significant cost savings on a per-ton basis through a more effective use of logistics, while reducing potential employee safety issues.

Savings: Reduced labor costs (no need to cut up wood waste) and improved logistics compared to traditional dumpster programs

Safety: Reduced risk of injury, no yard congestion

Cost Efficient: Existing Koppers customers can achieve even more savings through the backhauling of old poles during the delivery of new poles

Convenient: Turnkey service, minimal effort required

Environmentally Focused: Waste-to-energy disposal service