Storm Response

From hurricanes in Florida to ice storms in New England, Koppers Recovery stands ready to assist when needed. Our resources can help provide timely, turnkey disposal of downed utility poles and other wood waste, ensuring your operations continue to run smoothly and safely. We support your line restoration efforts by offering a multitude of services.

• Rapid response service to impacted areas with trucks and crews dispatched within 24 hours
• On-site management of debris collection to support quicker and easier crew access to impacted areas
• Longer term removal and disposal of debris in areas with wide spread storm damage
• Compliance with FEMA and similar programs

New Pole Staging

In addition to 24/7 storm response, Koppers is able to use tractor-boom trucks to deliver new poles to strategic locations. Whether that be a local staging area or directly along the Right-of-Way, efficient hauling and staging saves the customer significantly in cost and man power.